Daily Lift – June 22, 2019

A Trust in God

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It may be for various reasons that one will bestow his trust upon another. It is natural for newborns to trust their parents. When older, one may trust anyone who has not displayed a cause for mistrust. Once anyone has proven untrustworthy, a person may trust only those who have earned it. David wrote that God was his strength and his shield, and it logically follows that David also wrote that his heart trusted in the Lord. That trust was neither betrayed nor unrewarded, for the Psalmist added that he was helped. The heart is the seat of such emotionally intellectual attitudes as trust and is also the aspect of a man’s being in which the Lord dwells by faith. Solomon wrote that a man should trust in the Lord with all his heart while leaning not to his own understanding. The implication of this seems to be that if a man trusts his own understanding, he can never fully benefit from a trust in God.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater