Daily Lift – June 23, 2022

Sacrifice of Himself

It is at the Twenty-Third of Acts that Paul the apostle reviled Ananias for ordering that he be smitten on the mouth. When those present indicated that Paul was reviling the high priest, Paul said he knew not that Ananias was high priest and acknowledged that the Law of Moses forbade the reviling of a ruler of the people. In reality, Ananias was not high priest at all, for the Levitical priesthood had become defunct nearly three decades prior to this time with the dawn of the Christian dispensation and the establishment of the Church. Though Ananias may have presided over the council, it was Jesus Christ Who had become High Priest. While Aaron and his descendants functioned as figures of that which was to come, the Hebrews writer points out that Christ has put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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