Daily Lift – June 5, 2019

Better Not to Vow

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Though Christians are not called upon to make vows unto God, it is not uncommon for someone to make a promise unto the Lord. The covenant God has with us is one of promises He has made to humanity and the conditions under which we may enjoy the benefits of those promises. If we should choose to commit ourselves with a promise to God, however, the Scriptures point out the importance of honoring it. At the Fifth of Ecclesiastes, Solomon cautioned that we should not be hasty in the uttering of anything before God, for He may be angered if we later claim what we promised to be a mistake. Jehovah regards him a fool who makes a vow that is not fulfilled. Rather, we should not delay the honoring of any vow made to the Almighty. Rather than failing to fulfill a vow to God, Solomon warned that it is better not to vow.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater