Daily Lift – June 8, 2019

Perfecting of the Saints

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We have all heard of saints. However, what does the word bring to mind? Sports fans might think of a football team. Those whose thinking has been adversely affected by denominational dogma might think of someone whose life of charity and service to humanity is being posthumously recognized. Some have awarded the name to another out of gratitude for a good deed or kindness shown. In reality, the Scriptures indicate that anyone belonging to the Lord as a citizen in His Kingdom is to be regarded as a saint and is obliged to possess the character and quality of such. A saint is one who is sanctified and who is, therefore, holy unto the Lord. Saint, sanctify, and holy are all derived from forms of the same Greek word. It is the Word of God that teaches us how to become saints, and the Fourth of Ephesians tells us that five gifts of the spirit, all enabling men to teach or preach the Word, were for the perfecting of the saints.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater