Daily Lift – March 16, 2019

Labor of Their Hands

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Certain of life’s necessities must be enjoyed in amounts neither too little nor too much. Too little water results in dehydration, while too much may hyperhydrate or drown a man. Too little food results in malnutrition, while too much results in gluttony and obesity. Second Thessalonians Three points out that to little constructive occupation results in disorderly conduct, while the Fourth Commandment required a day of rest. The Twenty-Third of Exodus actually took that principle to a much greater degree by enjoining also a sabbatical year in which the fields were not to be sown and the vineyards and olive yards were to be similarly unattended. Not only did the poor and animal life benefit from what remained in the fields or was residually produced, but humanity might also have been given an opportunity to more fully recognize and revere Who was really the giver of every good and perfect gift, and Who had blessed the labor of their hands.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater