Daily Lift – March 17, 2017

Before The Return Of Christ

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At Acts the first chapter, the record reveals, beginning at verse, nine that the apostles beheld Jesus as He ascended back unto Heaven. While they stood gazing upon this wondrous sight, two men, apparently angels, stood by them, and spoke saying that Jesus would return in like manner as they had seen Him depart. Thus, the second coming of Christ is foretold.

While there is no doubt of the truth of this prophecy, Second Thessalonians chapter two teaches us that the brethren of Thessalonica thought Jesus’ second appearing would be right away. Paul began at verse one to tell them that the second coming of Christ would not take place until after a falling away; that is, until after a time when the Christian faith was largely lost and men had moved to apostasy.

While this unfortunate event had not taken place at that time, it did occur afterward, and the fact that the New Testament church exists anywhere now seems owing to the fact that someone finally took in hand the evangelistic effort to restore the practice of Christianity as scripture actually indicates it should be.

We have much to be thankful for in that we in this generation have not the scriptures hidden from us as it was during darker ages. However, with this enlightening knowledge also comes an awakening to the fact that the chain of events of human history now awaits absolutely nothing before the second coming of Christ may occur.

The Thessalonians were told that the falling away must be first. That having taken place, no event of prophecy now precedes His appearing again except the expiration of due time. At First Thessalonians chapter one, Paul spoke at verse ten of the Thessalonians waiting for the Son. To "wait" necessarily implies an expectation of His arrival. With such expectations also usually comes any necessary preparations.

Sometimes company drops by unexpected and, therefore, unawaited, and, also therefore, little or no preparation has been made for them. Yet the expected company is also the awaited company and, therefore, those for whom preparation is made.

Don’t let Jesus’ arrival take you unawares. Prepare for Him today, and wait for Him till He comes.


Written By: David Hayes Prophater
Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater