Daily Lift – March 17, 2019

Who Hath Friends

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The Fifth of First John teaches us that our love for God is indicated by the keeping of His commandments. One of the ways God indicated His love for us is that His commandments are not grievous; rather, each of them is for our personal and spiritual benefit. Among the Lord’s beneficial instructions to us was heard during the Savior’s Sermon on the Mount at the Seventh of Matthew. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us is an expression of the gracious manner that should characterize each of the brethren of Christ, for He Himself was the very epitome of the same. Those lacking such grace are not deficient of it due to the difficulty of developing it, but because of an unpleasant character and disposition. The Fifth of Galatians lists joy and gentleness among the fruits of the Spirit, while brotherly kindness is among the sterling qualities of Second Peter One. As Solomon pointed out at the Eighteenth of Proverbs, it is a friendly man who hath friends.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater