Daily Lift – March 17, 2020

God Will Bless

As the Ninth of Matthew’s Gospel comes near to its close, the Savior is depicted as busying Himself with a ministry of preaching, teaching, and healing. In the midst of this, He took notice of the spiritual weakness of the people and of their lack of proper spiritual direction. Describing such people as a plentiful harvest, the Lord asked His disciples to pray for laborers to bring in that harvest. At the opening of Chapter Ten, He sent them forth to do that very thing. Busy Himself, the Savior did not ask of His disciples to do what He would not. Because He gave them their own assignment, He did not ask them to pray for others to do what they would not do. Fruit is borne where seed is sown, and it is the work of our hands that God will bless.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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