Daily Lift – March 20, 2020

Not Separable from His Word

When the integrity of a man is highly regarded, one may feel that he cannot trust anyone if he cannot trust such a person. If we feel that way about virtuous persons, how much more should we feel that way about Jehovah God Himself? At the Sixth of Hebrews, we are taught that it is impossible for God to lie. Even so, the Son of God, Who came to speak the words His Father sent Him to speak, found it necessary at the Eighth of Mark to warn of being ashamed of Him and His words. Further, at the Twelfth of John, He warned of rejecting Him and receiving not His words. To be ashamed of the Lord’s words is to be ashamed of Him, and to reject His words is to reject Him, for the Savior is not separable from His Word.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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