Daily Lift – March 6, 2019

Divided Among One Another

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The Old Testament contains numerous types, of which the anti-types are seen in the New Testament. Among these is the Kingdom of Israel, of which the Church is the anti-type. It was in 922 B.C. that Israel was divided into a Northern Kingdom of Ten Tribes and a Southern Kingdom of Two Tribes. While this had not been God’s original intent for His chosen people, it was brought upon them because of King Solomon’s failure to fully yield himself to the Lord. Division comes upon the Lord’s people even now for the same reasons. In order to prevent division in the Church, Paul the apostle admonished the Corinthians to speak the same thing, and to be of the same mind and judgment. Where this fails, factions of the Lord’s people become opposed one to another, as Baasha, third king of the Northern Kingdom, sought to overpower his brethren to the south. It was Syrian king Ben-Hadad who prevented him from doing so. It is far better to be united in the Lord than to be divided among one another.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater