Daily Lift – May 2, 2019

Barren nor Unfruitful

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At Second Peter Chapter One, the apostle wrote of eight spiritual qualities which every Christian should give diligence to develop. The first on the list is faith and seems to be the foundation upon which are built the remaining seven. The fourth on the list is temperance and is descriptive of proper self-discipline regarding one’s appetites and indulgences. Temperance also appears as the last of nine fruits of the Spirit which Paul the apostle wrote at the Fifth of Galatians. Faith also appears in Paul’s list as in Peter’s. Because faith is the ideal response of the soul to the Word of God, temperance, like faith, is born of the spiritual instruction and conviction only available in the Holy Writ. More than simply an outward moderation, temperance is first a virtue from within that manifests itself without. Possession of it and its companions, Peter wrote, make one to be neither spiritually barren nor unfruitful.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater