Daily Lift – May 4, 2019

Not Return unto Him Void

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At the Fifty-Fifth of Isaiah, God spoke through that prophet to say that it is precipitation from heaven that causes the earth to bring forth and bud. For this reason, the Second of Genesis points out that God created the plants and herbs of the field before they grew because He had not yet caused rain to fall upon the earth. Just as surely as rain fulfills Divine purpose to sustain flourishing plant life, Isaiah wrote that God’s word would fulfill its purpose also. God’s revealed will accomplishes what He pleases in that it defines for humanity the terms and conditions by which redemption is not only possible but assured. God’s word prospers in the thing whereunto He sent it in that is also defines the conditions under which souls are lost. Though man has often disagreed with those terms and conditions, God’s thoughts and ways are infinitely higher than those of humanity, and His word shall not return unto Him void.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater