Daily Lift – November 15, 2017

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect (2 Samuel 22:33).

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How often are we content with the illusion of security? We feel safe because we have a brave police force and a dedicated military. We feel strong because we exercise, lift weights and eat healthy. We feel secure because we have money in savings, avoid debt and contribute regularly to a retirement fund. We sleep well because we have an alarm system in our homes, a gun in the nightstand, or a guard dog by the door. While all of these things are blessings and wise, they are not guarantees of safety and security and strength.

There is however, a constant and certain source of strength and security – the Lord. The good kings did not trust in their armies, but in the Almighty. The wise rulers did not depend upon their own wisdom, but in the instruction of the Lord. The faithful servant recognized that although he may labor, he trusted the Lord for his daily bread.

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