Daily Lift – November 15, 2020

He Loved Them

At the Fourth of Exodus, God instructed Moses to stand before the Egyptian Pharaoh and declare the people of Israel to be God’s sons, even His first born. One of the things a father is often known to do for his children is defend them. This is evidenced when God warned of the death of Pharaoh’s first-born son if the latter did not release the Israelites from bondage. Fathers also often help lay the foundation for the success of their children. Again, this is evidenced at the Twelfth of Genesis when God promised the establishment of a great nation, which would be Israel. It is a proper father’s love that motivates him to do these things and more. At the Seventh of Deuteronomy, God said He did not love Israel because they merited it. Rather, He loved them simply because He loved them.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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