Daily Lift – November 19, 2016

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered (Psalm 32:1).

With no disrespect to David, but what an understatement. To have our sins forgiven is not just a blessing, but the greatest blessing that God can give.

In life there are no “do overs.” Time always moves forward and can never be turned back allowing us to undo wrongs we have committed. However, God, through Jesus, did what would otherwise be impossible. He has erased the sins of our paths and provided continual cleansing for sins that we may one day commit. No amount of money could pay the penalty for our sins. No amount of prayers or pleas could forgive our wrongs. No good deeds could erase our evil deeds, and yet God, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, devised a way for all of my sins to be forgiven. What a blessing indeed.

The book Meditations Of My Heart (from which this daily devotional is taken) is available / can be ordered from Sain Publications (931-363-6905 or email psain@sainpublications.com).

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