Daily Lift – November 2, 2019

Not to be Defiled

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About five hundred years before Christ and following the Babylonian captivity, Zechariah arose as a prophet to the Jews of Judah. As a result of his work and that of the prophet Haggai, the Jews prospered and rebuilt the temple according to the will of God. Zechariah also prophesied of the Savior’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Interestingly, it would be by Christ that the concept of the temple of God would be redefined. At the Second of Ephesians, Paul wrote that the household of God, the Church, is built upon the foundation of which Jesus Christ is the Chief Corner Stone, and that it is in Him that all the building groweth into an holy temple in the Lord. Further, each individual Christian becomes an habitation of God through the Spirit. Paul wrote in both of his Corinthian epistles that a Christian is the temple of God, and that temple is not to be defiled.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater