Daily Lift – November 20, 2018

Pity Our Generation

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That which has faithfully served has been described as “reliable as sunrise.” Things rarely failing have been said to be “dependable as a rock.” While rocks and the sun have proven to be dependable and reliable indeed, their existence is not to be absolutely permanent. At the Twenty Fourth of Matthew, Jesus told His disciples that heaven and earth would pass away. However, His words would forever remain. What, then, is infinitely more dependable and reliable than any element of creation is the Word and the wisdom of the Lord as revealed in the Holy Writ. Unfortunately, certain of this and of every generation have regarded the Word of God as irrelevant to the times. Ironically, the Word of God is intended to define the generations of this and all times. Man’s convictions have been fickle, and his existence temporal; but wisdom is immortal. If ours is not the age of Divine wisdom, then pity our generation.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater