Daily Lift – November 20, 2019

His Own Elect

Following the death of Belshazzar, Darius the Mede became king of the Chaldean empire. The Sixth of Daniel tells of the great confidence Darius had in Daniel, though Daniel’s enemies conspired against him to have the king sign a decree which condemned to the lions’ den any who petitioned any deity but the king himself. Never failing to worship God, Daniel, much to the king’s dismay, was cast into the den of lions, whose mouths were shut by the angel of the Lord. Having ordered Daniel’s removal from the den, Darius then commanded that Daniel’s accusers and their families be cast before the lions. The king then decreed that the God of Daniel was the true and living God, and that all should fear and tremble before Him. The effort to diminish God had only exalted Him and His own. As the Savior promised at the Eighteenth of Luke, God shall speedily avenge His own elect.

Written by David Hayes Prophater