Daily Lift – November 20, 2022

Save the Present World

At the Ninth of John’s Gospel, the Savior declared that He was the Light of the world as long as He was in the world. Though, bodily, Jesus Christ is not now in the world, He continues among us by the indwelling of His Spirit by faith through the Word. As a result, those in whom His Spirit dwells are themselves the light of the world, as the Lord taught at the Fifth of Matthew’s Gospel. These are obligated to never withhold the benefit of that light from anyone. As the salt of the earth, these also must extend the preservative quality of that proverbial and spiritual salt to the world, lest there be nothing to preserve it at all. At the Eighteenth of Genesis, God told Abraham that ten righteous people would have saved the doomed Sodom. Is there enough salt to save the present world?

Written by David Hayes Prophater