Daily Lift – November 21, 2018

Will of the Father

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King Ahasuerus reigned over one hundred twenty seven provinces from India to Ethiopia. It is at the First of Esther that the king commanded Vashti, his queen, to come and appear before the princes, nobles, and servants of his provinces. When she refused to do so, the king inquired of his wise men concerning what should be done in response to the queen’s insubordination. Believing Vashti’s disobedience would influence women everywhere to disrespect their husbands, the wise men advised the king to issue a decree that every man should rule his own house. Vashti was later replaced by Esther as queen. Though the Lord is Ruler absolute over His house, His authority also has been often ignored. Not only so, but those who follow that unfortunate example are only feigning the practice of Christianity, if indeed they make any claim to it at all. Our Savior warned that it is not only those who call Him “Lord” who enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but those that do the will of the Father.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater