Daily Lift – November 21, 2019

Called the Sons of God

It is at the First of Matthew’s Gospel that the angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph in a dream. The angel informed Joseph that the virgin Mary was with child of the Holy Ghost, and that the Son born to her was to be called Jesus and would save His people from their sins. In this case, the word “call” refers to the giving of a name. At the First of Romans, Paul the apostle says that they of Rome are among those called of Jesus Christ to be saints. In this case, “called” denotes a summons for a specific purpose. At Second Thessalonians Two, Paul said that calling is by the Gospel. At the Eleventh of Acts, we learn that those who favorably responded to the Gospel were called Christians first at Antioch. The Savior was called by a name to call others through the Gospel to be saints so that they might be called Christians. These, according to First John Three, are called the sons of God.

Written by David Hayes Prophater