Daily Lift – November 22, 2018

Surpass Expectation

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A man’s imagination may have the tendency at times to exaggerate any realistic expectation. The consequence of this is that reality fails to equal expectation. Though, in this world, what is real seldom lives up to what is imagined, it is in eternity that the furthest reaches of a man’s hopes are far surpassed. God declared at the Fifty Fifth of Isaiah that man is incapable of either thinking or performing on the same level as God. It is for this reason that the Lord came to man as a man in the person of Christ. It is also for this reason that Heaven, a spiritual place, is described in material terms at the Twenty First of Revelation. God assured us that, at the dawn of our eternity, we would be like the Lord in our manner of existence. It will not be before then that we can see and comprehend either the Lord or Heaven as they really are. Temporal things rarely fulfill expectations. However, no matter the level of grandeur imagined of Heaven, reality will far surpass expectation.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater