Daily Lift – November 23, 2018

Those of Faithful Effort

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Some have discounted the success of others by assuming positions were acquired by knowing the right people, rather than possessing the talent needed to achieve it. However, those of only mediocre potential have been known by self-application to achieve more than they of superior ability, but who exerted far less effort. What a person may lack in talent he will more than gain in experience when he relentlessly applies himself. There is no reason to be content with little or no achievement when earnest effort could produce accomplishment that is both memorable and a benefit to many. The Parable of the Talents at the Twenty Fifth of Matthew depicts three men of varying ability, though two of them received the same reward because they tried and succeeded with what they were given to use. The one talented man failed, not because he had less than his peers, but because he would not try. Success comes not just to those of great ability, but to those of faithful effort.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater