Daily Lift – November 24, 2018

Only a Few

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Ancient philosophy advised that a man with competitors should never do things the same way. By constantly altering his approach to his work, he frustrates the rival attempting to benefit from another’s success. The problem with that philosophy is that success may be abandoned by the successful just for the sake of change. If perfection could be improved, it was never perfection to begin with. The First of James tells us that the Law of Liberty, the Word of God, is perfect. Therefore, none of its principles defining Christianity can be improved, and its instruction and pattern concerning the Church are just as the Lord wanted it to be. Only Satan himself and those so led of him have ever been interested in altering any of God’s perfect designs. Solomon warned that a way seeming right to a man becomes multiple ways of death, while the Savior said that the strait and narrow way leading to life is found by only a few.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater