Daily Lift – November 24, 2022

Day of Rest

The portion of the Mosaic Law that we now refer to as the Ten Commandments is recorded at the Twentieth of Exodus. There, the Fourth Commandment enjoined a six day work week, with the seventh day observed as a sabbath, or day of rest. According to the Second of Colossians, Christians are at liberty to observe or not observe a sabbath day, though the Twenty-Sixth of Leviticus indicates the Lord’s insistence upon its observance during the Mosaic age. As the Mosaic era drew near to its close, the Savior pointed out at the Second of Mark’s Gospel that man was not made for the sabbath. Rather, the sabbath was made for man. The Divinely given law acknowledged the importance of six days of labor to achieve necessary tasks and was given for man’s benefit. However, just as much for man’s benefit was the Divine provision for a day of rest.

Written by David Hayes Prophater