Daily Lift – November 25, 2018

The Lord Expects to Find

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At the Fifteenth of John, the Savior used a vine and its branches to illustrate the relationship of His disciples to Himself. The True Vine of Christ provides spiritual nourishment to the branches, who are faithful ones, and who bring forth much fruit to the glory of God. Jesus indicated that it is through His Word that the branches are so nourished. Those not abiding after this manner in the Vine are fruitless, withered, and cast away. The Twenty First of Matthew indicates by further illustration that the withering of the fruitless occurs much more quickly than some may think. There, the Lord cursed a fruitless fig tree, and it presently withered away. John the Baptist taught the same lesson at Matthew Three when he declared that trees not bearing good fruit would be hewn down. Those trees would die not just for bearing corrupt fruit, but also for bearing none that was good. They are faithful who bear the fruit the Lord expects to find.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater