Daily Lift – November 27, 2018

All Good Works

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Desirable success may be assured when one’s good intentions are fueled with the proper knowledge to achieve them. On the converse, for the one of wicked purpose, intellectual potential only serves to multiply the damage done by his wickedness. The unity of a people of a single purpose at Genesis Eleven caused even Jehovah Himself to observe that nothing would be restrained from them which they had imagined to do. Yet, God evidenced His displeasure regarding where those accomplishments would take them. Saul of Tarsus was a man of learning and intellect, though how that intellect was applied was most destructive to Divine purposes until he surrendered to the Savior against Whom he had fought, and, as Paul the Apostle, became a part of that Divine purpose. It is the true man of God who is truly of good intentions, and Paul told Timothy that it is the Word of God that provides the knowledge necessary to fulfill those intentions, completely furnishing him unto all good works.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater