Daily Lift – November 27, 2020

A Privilege

The work of a dedicated professional is important to him, and he would likely not walk away from it for trivial reasons. This would be particularly true in the case of ancient fishermen whose living might be earned only day by day, and whose success depended on a good catch every time the net was cast. However, the Fourth of Matthew records the Savior calling Peter, Andrew, James, and John from off their jobs as fishermen to follow Him instead. All immediately complied. At the Fifth of Luke, the Lord also called Levi the tax collector to follow Him. As did the fishermen before him, Levi left his job to follow Christ. Not only did Levi not regard the Lord’s call as an imposition, but he invited Jesus home with him for a great feast in His honor. Those that serve their Lord should consider it less a burden and more a privilege.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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