Daily Lift – November 28, 2019

Remember No More

As late as one thousand years before Christ, Jerusalem was known as Jebus or Jebusi, for there dwelt the Jebusites. After the Jebusites were delivered into the hands of the Israelites during Joshua’s conquest of the Land of Promise, and much more so after the city was taken by David approximately four hundred years later, it was known as Jerusalem, “The City of David”, and as the Capitol of Israel. Any ascription of the city to its former inhabitants and namesake was nearly forgotten. So it should be when the man of sin is mortified in repentance and buried in baptism. As the new man is raised unto a newness of life, the old man of sin is to neither live again nor be remembered. As God had promised through Jeremiah the prophet, “Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

Written by David Hayes Prophater