Daily Lift – November 28, 2020

What We Finished

The disciples of the Savior were in a ship on a storm-tossed sea when, at the Fourteenth of Matthew’s Gospel, they were terrified to see the Lord approaching the ship, walking on the water. When Jesus identified Himself, Peter asked to walk on the water also, and the Savior bid him come and do so. Peter was sustained upon the water’s surface until frightened by the waves and began to sink. Calling upon the Lord to save him, Peter was caught by the hand of Jesus, but with a rebuke for his waning faith. We are inspired by Peter’s willingness to do what no one but the Savior had done, though we are admonished to employ the same or greater faith with which we began to bring our mission to completion. Will we, or Peter, be remembered for what we began, or what we finished?

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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