Daily Lift – November 3, 2019

Are not Wise

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Something absolutely necessary for the proper conduct of trade and commerce is an accurate system of weights and measures. With this in mind, the Twenty-Fifth of Deuteronomy forbade even the possession of inaccurate weights, while the Nineteenth of Leviticus forbade any unrighteousness in balance, weights, or measures. If such honesty and accuracy is necessary regarding the standards governing the sale of goods, how much more important are the standards governing our spiritual lives? At the Tenth of Jeremiah, that prophet acknowledged man’s inability to direct his own spiritual steps, and, therefore, called upon the Lord to correct him. Because we require Divine standard to order our mortal lives, Paul wrote at Second Corinthians Ten that they who measure themselves by themselves and who compare themselves among themselves are not wise.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater