Daily Lift – November 30, 2020

We May Have Fallen

Though the Savior told Peter he would deny knowing the Lord that very night, Peter insisted at the Twenty-Sixth of Matthew that he would die before he would do such a thing, and his fellow disciples declared the same. Nonetheless, Peter had three times denied the Lord before the crowing of the rooster that very night. Peter’s redemption, however, is indicated by the bitter tears of sorrowful repentance that he cried soon afterward. Lest this pitiful episode should become Peter’s defining moment, we look shortly forward to that apostle’s unforgettably stirring sermon on the Day of Pentecost when he used the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven the Lord had earlier given him to unlock its gates with the Gospel for the first obedient believers to enter the Church. We should be thankful for the grace of the Lord that enables us to rise much further than we may have fallen.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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