Daily Lift – November 7, 2020

Be Therefore Ready

At the Twenty-Fourth of Matthew, the Savior spoke to His disciples first about the destruction of Jerusalem and then about His own second coming. The former, He said, would occur in their lifetimes, and did, in A.D. 70. Jesus told them that Jerusalem’s fall would be preceded by false claims that the Lord had already come again. If the Savior had returned when the deceivers claimed, the whole world would know it, for His arrival would be as lightning that comes from the east and is visible even unto the west. Though there were signs given of Jerusalem’s demise, none would be given concerning the Savior’s return other than day-to-day business as usual. His arrival will not be when some might expect Him, but, rather, when He is not expected at all. Let all be therefore ready.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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