Daily Lift – October 11, 2021

Straight, Strait, and Strait

Historically, crookedness has stood as a figure for that which is unrighteous. At the First of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote that the crooked cannot be made straight, for, at Ecclesiastes Seven, no man can declare to be straight that which God has decreed to be crooked. Therefore, should one find himself to be in the crooked way, the Twelfth of Hebrews admonishes that he should find for his feet the path that is straight. That path will be not only straight, but also strait. The latter spelling of the word refers to that which is narrow. Hence, at the Seventh of Matthew, the savior teaches us with repetition that the way to life in which we must walk is both strait and narrow. All this considered, we learn that we must walk in the way that is straight, strait, and strait.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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