Daily Lift – October 16, 2019

Them That Are Sanctified

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Biblical history teaches us that there has never been a time when sacrifice was not offered unto God. Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve, are recorded as offering sacrifices unto the Lord. God, however, found Abel’s sacrifice acceptable while rejecting that of Cain. The Eleventh of Hebrews tells us that it was by faith that Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice. Because the Tenth of Romans tells us that faith comes by the Word of God, we understand Abel’s sacrifice to have been offered according to that Word; the same Word that the first of John declares to be one and the same with the Savior Himself. Even at their best, however, the sacrifices offered under the Mosaic law would not and could not suffice to the ultimate purpose, for the Tenth of Hebrews declares that the blood of bulls and goats cannot take away sin. Yet, by the offering of Christ, God hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater