Daily Lift – October 16, 2018

Christian Evidences

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At First Corinthians Thirteen, Paul looked prophetically forward from that point in history to a time not relatively distant into the future. Only a few decades after Paul wrote would the miraculous work of Holy Spirit inspiration be complete. After such things were gone, Paul said there would remain faith, hope, and love, the latter expressed in the King James Version as charity. Without love, Paul said his use of the miraculous gifts of the Spirit would have profited nothing and made nothing of him. Those gifts were destined to soon fail, but Paul said love never would. One of the ways love evidenced itself was by kindness, and the two are frequently presented in tandem. For example, kind affection and brotherly love are linked together at Romans Twelve, Verse Ten. Kindness is presented with unpretended love at Second Corinthians Six, Verse Six. Second Peter One, Verse Seven, shows us that it is out of godliness that grow both love and kindness. Without kindness, there is lost to us the greatest of all Christian evidences.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater