Daily Lift – October 17, 2019

Achieve His Purposes

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The Second of Joshua records the arrival of Israelite spies in the city of Jericho. Having come to search out the country in preparation for an invasion, their presence was detected by the city’s king. It was in the house of an harlot known as Rahab that the spies were hidden and found safety until they could escape. Rahab asked only that the spies ensure the safety of herself, her family, and their property when the Israelite invasion occurred. The spies gave her that assurance, and, at the Sixth of Joshua, Rahab and all hers were safely delivered when the Lord brought down the walls of the city and His people destroyed it. Nearly fifteen hundred years later, the First of Matthew lists Rahab among the ancestry of those by whom the Almighty brought the Savior into the world. Though all have sinned, there are none whom the Lord cannot use to achieve His purposes.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater