Daily Lift – October 23, 2019

Home Again

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To kiss someone is to physically express the affection that is emotionally felt. The kiss may also reinforce the attachment that is verbally communicated. In both his Roman and Corinthian epistles, the apostle Paul encouraged the saints to greet and salute one another with an holy kiss. That which is holy is that which is set apart and reserved for spiritual purposes. To be disingenuous with a kiss is to profane it and is tantamount to lying. At First Peter One, we are taught that the love of the brethren is to be fervent and unfeigned, or genuine and unpretended, while First Corinthians Thirteen points out that even the best and greatest of otherwise spiritual efforts and services are all for naught in the absence of love. Though it was with a kiss that Judas betrayed the Lord, it was with a kiss of compassion that the Father received His wayward son home again.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater