Daily Lift – October 26, 2018

Wisdom is Perfected

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It is character and intellect that are two principle aspects of a person’s being. Intellect without character leaves one with only half the ingredients of success, at best. It is in the pursuit of character that intellect achieves to wisdom. Otherwise, the man of intellect still functions on no greater level than a fool. Even so, those of wisdom have not always employed it. For example, God blessed Solomon with wisdom of such magnitude that none before nor after him possessed the equal of it. Yet, the same wise king that had built a magnificent temple unto the Lord of Hosts is also the one that consented unto the construction of shrines and temples for the worship of idols, all to appease hundreds of international wives and concubines. The king who brought his nation to greater heights than his father David before him was also the king who set Israel on a path of decline. Having failed to heed God’s warnings, the Lord told Solomon the kingdom would be taken from his son and divided. Though intellect is one of the parents of wisdom, it is by faithfulness of character that wisdom is perfected.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater