Daily Lift – October 29, 2015

For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds (2 John 11).

The lyrics of the beautiful song captures our feelings – “I cannot find the way alone.” We journey here for a brief time, but without the Lord as our guide and strength we could not make it safely and securely.

Satan tempts us to believe we need “things” and “pleasure” and “popularity” to be happy. But genuine happiness is found ONLY in following and living for Jesus Christ.

May our daily focus be on the joys of being in the family of God, and keeping our eyes on the prize, our Heavenly home, that awaits us. Give Almighty God the praise, adoration and glory He so deserves throughout your life and one day He will give you eternal life (Revelation 2:10).

The book Meditations Of My Heart (from which this daily devotional is taken) is available / can be ordered from Sain Publications (931-363-6905 or email psain@sainpublications.com).

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