Daily Lift – October 29, 2016

For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds (2 John 11).

In the short book of Second John, which emphasizes abiding in the truth and not being led astray by false teachers, John presents the foundational basis of Christianity and the source of all truth—i.e., “the doctrine of Christ” (2 John 9). One who “goes too far and does not abide” in this doctrine “does not have God,” and he must not be welcomed, shown approval or bid success in his Godless efforts (v. 10).

The Holy Spirit sternly warns Christians to not show favor or wish well those who “go on ahead” of the doctrine of Christ, for a Christian who does such actually “shares in” (NKJV), “participates in” (NASB), “takes part in” (ESV) “his evil deeds.”

If one’s doctrine is not approved by Christ, then his efforts must not be approved by followers of Christ.

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