Daily Lift – October 4, 2018

Dwell with His Maker

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At the Eleventh of Leviticus, God required of the ancient people Israel to be holy as He was holy. The requirement was repeated at First Peter One. When we have answered the call to holiness, we have separated ourselves from the carnal world and become reserved for God’s purposes. Those who have done so have become sanctified, and are known as saints. Holy, saint, and sanctified are all forms of the same word. We are taught at the Twelfth of Hebrews that no man will see the Lord without holiness, and that diligence is required so that one fail not of the grace of God. Perhaps two important things are being taught to us here. First of all, though a man is saved by Divine grace, he is still called to holiness. Secondly, it is with diligence that he develop and maintain the holiness to which he is called, lest he fail to receive God’s grace. It is by diligence in holiness and by the grace of God that a man may one day dwell with his Maker.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater