Daily Lift – October 6, 2018

Hear the Truth

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When the apostle Paul charged Timothy to be a preacher of the word, he offered at least three reasons for doing so. As he opened Second Timothy Four, Paul referenced Christ as He Who would judge the living and the dead at His coming. Preparing hearers of the word for that judgment is one of the reasons to preach the word. Paul also indicated that he would soon be departing mortal life. There would need to be those following him in his work where he left off. Still another reason for Timothy to preach the word was the lack of tolerance audiences would have for sound doctrine, and their subsequent tendencies to gravitate toward those who will tell them things they would rather hear. Preaching the truth may reclaim some from error and prevent others from believing a lie. Paul described a tragic condition when he spoke of those whose lust for the doctrinally untrue caused their ears to itch to hear it. Oh, that the world would long not to hear fables, but would hunger and thirst to hear the truth.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater