Daily Lift – October 8, 2019

His Burden is Light

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Someone has commented that nothing is certain but death and taxes. The Ninth of Hebrews, however, indicates an even more certain pairing of death and judgment. During the early years of the Mosaic dispensation, a half shekel was required of those over twenty years of age and was applied for the service of the tabernacle. The wealthy paid no more, and the poor paid no less. Almost four hundred years later, when Israel expressed a desire for a monarchy, God through Samuel warned His people of the consequences of a king, including an escalation of taxation. They received their king, and they received the tax burden that went with it, and the latter issue eventually split the kingdom. The Thirteenth of Romans instructs us to subjectively pay taxes, though even Christians might wish it wasn’t so much. Reflecting on the lighter levy when God alone ruled His people, there may be a new meaning given to the Savior’s promise that His yoke is easy and His burden light.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater