Daily Lift – October 9, 2019

Heal Their Land

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The word “backslide” has often been used to describe spiritual decline of one who had once been in favor with the Lord. If the word were regarded as a physical occurrence illustrating a spiritual condition, one might get the image in mind of a load or weight being drug uphill for good purpose, only to experience the loss of all progress as the full weight of that load slides back down the hill. The principle is not unlike that of the man setting out to build a tower or the wise man building his house upon a rock. Loss of spiritual faith and zeal may cause one to leave his tower unfinished, to abandon the building of his spiritual house, or to devote no further strength to the moving of that necessary burden on to higher ground. The backsliding of Jeremiah’s Israel resulted in overt offenses against God, while they of Hosea’s day seemed determined in their backslidden unfaithfulness. Nonetheless, a merciful God promised the backslidden that, if they would humbly turn from their wickedness and prayerfully seek Him, He would heal their land.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater