Daily Lift – October 9, 2018

Be Not Their Ruin

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At the Eighteenth of Ezekiel, God extolled the benefits of true repentance, while providing solemn warning of the consequences of wickedness. The Lord declared that a man who considered the evil of his way and turned away from it would save his soul alive. His transgressions would never be mentioned to him. Yet, if, unthinkably, a righteous man should turn from his righteousness and do wickedly, he would die for his sin, and his righteousness would not be remembered. Inexplicably, the people Israel found this arrangement unjust. One is given cause to wonder what portion of God’s judgment seemed unfair. Is it the portion that offers pardon for abandoned sins and a promise of life? Or, did Israel, or anyone, actually believe that the promise of life should depend in no manner at all upon one’s respect for God’s wishes? In the declaration of His ways as just, and of man’s ways as unjust, Jehovah called for Israel, and everyone, to turn from transgression that the iniquity be not their ruin.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater