Daily Lift – September 10th, 2018

Impossible For God to Lie –

At the Sixth of Deuteronomy, Jehovah enj oined at Verse Thirteen the use of His Name in the taking of an oath. At the Nineteenth of Leviticus, however, the stipulation was given at Verse Twelve that one must not profane the Name of God by swearing falsely. At the Fifth of Matthew’s Gospel, our Savior would declare nearly fifteen hundred years later in His Sermon on the Mount that one must not swear at all. Rather, beginning at Verse Thirty Three, his communication was to be a simpler yes or no. In reality, if a person’s testimony is not true without an oath, it isn’t true with one, either. Similarly, if a person’s testimony is true with an oath, then it is just as true without one. At the Twenty First of Revelation, we are taught at Verse Twenty Seven that there shall enter into Heaven nothing that maketh a lie. God, however, uses His own Name at the Sixth of Hebrews to seal His promise to us with an oath, and each is equally immutable. Though a man s word may be unreliable, it is impossible for God to lie.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater