Daily Lift – September 12th, 2018

The Greatest Need of All –

At the Fifteenth of Romans, Paul remarked that the Macedonian Church had prepared a contribution of aid for the poor saints at Jerusalem. Within the same year, the apostle spoke also of this at Second Corinthians Eight, and held the Macedonians up as an example for the Church at Corinth to follow in the grace of liberal generosity. Interestingly, it had been approximately seven years prior that it was the Macedonians themselves who were asking for Paul ‘s help. The Sixteenth of Acts indicates that Paul knew that the Macedonians longed for the preaching of the Gospel. Yet, this was not their only need. Paul had described them to the Corinthians as being afflicted with deep poverty. None the less, the Macedonians responded with generosity to the needy saints at Jerusalem. It is to their credit that they realized their spiritual needs over their material ones, and it is the former, not the latter, for which they sought help to satisfy. Enriched spiritually, they knew it to be more blessed to give than to receive. Having been in spiritual want at one time, the Macedonians knew what it meant to have the greatest need of all.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater