Daily Lift – September 13, 2019

The Anchor of the Soul

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The Mosaic Law provided for the use of God’s Name in the taking of an oath. However, it was forbidden to profane the Lord’s Name by using it to swear falsely. Though the proper use of the Name of God in the swearing of an oath would hold that Name up as the very epitome of all that is true and honest, humanity seems to have proven unworthy of the privilege. In His Sermon on the Mount, the Savior forbade swearing by any thing at all, whether in Heaven above or in earth beneath. However, all these things are the property of the Almighty for Whom lying is an impossibility, and Who offers us both His promise and His oath regarding His immutable counsel. Upon these are based our hope, which is the anchor of the soul.

Written and Voiced by David Hayes Prophater