Daily Lift – September 14, 2019

The Withering Occurs

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The Savior hungered one morning as He was returning to Jerusalem and came to a fig tree to take some fruit. Finding none, He cursed the tree, and presently it withered away. The Lord’s disciples marveled at how quickly the tree died. In order to be spiritually fruitful, the Savior said that branches must abide in the Vine of Himself, for, without Him, we can do nothing. Not only must we abide in Christ, but His words must also abide in us. Branches bearing fruit are pruned and nurtured so that they bear even more. Unfruitful branches are withered for failure to abide in the Vine of Christ and are gathered to be cast into the fire and burned. Many may be as the disciples and marveling at how quickly the withering occurs.

Written and Voiced by David Hayes Prophater